about MED Solutions

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What is MED Solutions?

The University of Siena is a Regional Network Center of the UN SDSN, United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network. This regional Network is called MED Solutions, the UN SDSN Center for the Mediterranean.

As UN SDSN’s primary goal is to mobilize scientific and technical expertise from academia, civil society, and the private sector in support of sustainable development problem solving at local, national, and global scales”, the University of Siena acts as a regional hub and coordinates the activities of a network of universities, research centers and businesses interested in identifying and promoting Solutions Initiatives in the Mediterranean basin.


Over time the MED Solutions Network will expand its activities to include inter alia:

    • Regional and national pathways to Sustainable Development: drawing on the work undertaken by the Thematic Groups of the UN Solutions Network, the MED Solutions Network may develop regional pathways towards sustainable development and assist countries/cities in operationalizing them.
    • Teaching on Sustainable Development: institutions in the region can collaborate to develop and improve teaching materials and courses on sustainable development. This work may be carried out in partnership with the Masters of Development Practice.
    • Applied research activities: the focus on solutions will give rise to ideas and opportunities for applied research in the Mediterranean Region, which could take advantage of the UN Solutions Network and the MED Solutions Network.


One of the core goals of the SDSN Regional Networks is to strengthen local and national problem solving for sustainable development by empowering universities and research centers to play more active and effective roles. To this end the networks aim to ensure that every SDSN member university and research center in any part of the world can access the knowledge needed to stay up to date and be an effective support to government, civil society, and the business sector in local and national problem solving.

MED Solutions’ First Conference  (July 3-5)

University of Siena, with the help of UN SDSN, hosted the first MED Solutions conference from July 3 to July 5 in the Certosa di Pontignano, Siena. This event was not only intended as a way to kickstart the creation of the Mediterranean network, but also as a chance to begin collecting proposals coming from academia and civil society and to discuss their adoption and implementation. Visit the dedicated page for further information.