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  • Dario Piselli, President – Advisor, International Environmental Law & Policy, Biodiversity, Natural Resources

I was born in Grosseto, Italy on October 31st, 1990. In 2009 I graduated from my hometown’s Liceo Classico and then photodecided to become a law student at University of Siena, where my areas of interest are international law, biodiversity, natural resources and endangered species. Although my studies focus on policymaking, as I just noted, my experience is much broader and aims at bridging the gap between science and policy as a way to improve the protection of world’s ecosystems and restore ecological equilibria by adding proactive measures to reactive ones in conservation legislation (that is, not just creating reserves but also building a society that is inclusive with regard to other species). From my perspective, the struggle to achieve these goals shall be inspired by scientific data as well as by moral considerations (even though I acknowledge that ethical thinking is necessarily individual and cannot be made subject to any kind of command): in fact, despite conventional wisdom, these two grounds have many things in common, and in particular they share the basic principle of man’s place as a part of nature and not as its owner, a position that implies a much more profound evaluation of environmental policies and encompasses science, the livelihoods of people and our planet in its premises while leaving economy one step back, if needed. Speaking of other issues, I am a strong supporter of WikiLeaks and, in general, of net neutrality and freedom of information, which in my opinion constitute the first and foremost principles to defend in order to shape a genuine democracy (or, at least, one not dominated by a centrally-imposed ideology), even though at the same time I am convinced that the over-simplification and abstraction that technology induces are counterproductive if not matched by a constant attention to a fact-based approach to problems and the quality of our lives. Being a strenuous vegetarian, my involvement in environmentalism also pursues the cause of a consciousness awakening about the food that we eat and the necessity of quitting waste and overconsumption, as well as an exploitation of animals not driven by survival but by our taste’s sake. Moreover, I have always been advocating a steady turn in international policies aimed at creating this deregulated, globalized marketplace which increases poverty, perpetuates unsustainable practices, facilitates big corporations’ profits, puts our health and safety at risk and definitely favors the success of fascistic ideals throughout the planet. Needless to say, I am not a black bloc, but I do believe that only another type of society, more man- and nature-bounded, could achieve success over the challenges that we face.

In my life I am also a spare time poet, a writer, and a self-proclaimed disciple of American philosopher Henry David Thoreau. My hobbies include music, cinema, arts and sports. That said, I am a bit of a primitivist.

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  • Dario Bettaccini, Vice-president – Advisor, Energy Issues

Dario BettacciniWhen you grow up in Tuscany, you learn since your childhood to love and respect your region, your people and your home. That’s my debt towards my parents and my best friend. The first ones transmitted me their love and interest in nature, the last one his passion for the world. That’s why I began to care about green energy, because I love the world, because we are the present and the immediate future, that’s our time. With a true love for the game of chess and basketball, I was born in Pistoia, a small city next to Florence, and after my degree in my hometown Lyceum and many travels I decided to begin my studies in Economics in Siena, so far one of the best choices I’ve ever made.

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  • Federica Zambuto, Member of the Board – Advisor, Food and Agriculture


Being born in Agrigento (Sicily), surrounded by prickly pears’ pads, windmill blades, orange blossoms and almond trees, and having not a blue blood but a green one running through my veins, I have always been highly sensitive about everything that is leafy, winged, rich in petals or biologically edible. My law studies, which I chose to conduct in Siena also because of the extracurricular, social and educational opportunities that can be lived here, are helping me to be even more environmentally-conscious as time passes. In a period in which environmental issues often tend to be overlooked, a network like Greening USiena is fundamental, as it needs to act as a tool to spread awareness about the state of our planet.

 Life philosophy: “eating is a necessity, eating well is an art”.

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  • Giulia D’Agata, Secretary – Advisor, Green Economy
  • Marianna Conci, Treasurer – Advisor, Environmental Anthropology
  • Arthur Rocco, Member of the Board – Advisor, Energy Security
  • Alessandra Fersini, Member of the Board – Advisor, Social Sustainability
  • Tiziana Pedone, Member of the Board – Advisor, Environmental Economics
  • Francesco Citera, Member of the Board – Advisor, Biodiversity and Health