March 5-6: 2nd SDSN Mediterranean Conference in Siena


We are pleased to remind everyone that on March 5-6, 2015, the University of Siena will host the 2nd international conference of SDSN Mediterranean, themed “Solutions for Agri-Food Sustainability in the Mediterranean Region“, which will focus on the topics of efficient use of resources, transformative changes in technology and policies, and new business models in agriculture. Keynote speakers will include Prof. Achim Dobermann (Member of the SDSN Leadership Council and Director of Rothamstead Research), José T. Esquinas Alcázar (Former Secretary of the FAO’s Commission on Genetic Resources) and Sébastien Treyer (Director of Agricultural Program at IDDRI).

On that occasion, a Special Session will be devoted to the presentation of the SDSN Youth Initiative, which is going to launch soon as the SDSN’s Global Youth Chapter with the goal of supporting SDSN’s campaigns and promoting the role of youth for sustainable development in the transition from the MDGs to the SDGs. The Session, which will also be live streamed online, will be introduced by Mr. Dobermann (although there is the possibility that Jeffrey D. Sachs also presents his remarks via Skype) and chaired by our President Dario Piselli, and will host contributions by fellow SDSNY Secretariat Members Tim Dobermann (London School of Economics), Fulya Kundaklar (Bogazici University Istanbul) and Dario Bettaccini (also a member of Greening USiena). If you are interested in registering for the conference and want to learn more about SDSN Youth, visit the conference’s website or e-mail us at



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