#MEDSOL13 Greening USiena’s closing remarks

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After three days of panels and discussions, the Sustainable Development Solutions for the Mediterranean Region international conference came to an end yesterday. Considering its outcome, it represented a great success and a testimony to University of Siena‘s role as the SDSN Center for the Mediterranean, but it also encouraged us to increase our efforts (the real struggle begins now!) towards a broader cooperation among the members of the project, as well as the long-term implementation of the priorities defined during the meeting. As a consequence, we would like to thank all the participants, coming from 17 Mediterranean countries out 21 (and with 10 other nations represented), in the first place.

With regard to Greening USiena, we are happy to have relentlessly worked to foster student participation and to organize the 993056_289849614493620_581657935_nevent, and most of all we are pleased by the central role assigned by UNSDSN to education and research, as one of the goals within the general mission of the network, which consists in advancing the role of universities (the only ones capable of assessing issues and defining solutions) in decision-making processes. In addition, we are particularly proud of the widespread recognition of students’ solutions (and this is the reason we wish to congratulate with University of Sassari’s Matilde Silvia Schirru and University of Perugia’s Anna Laura Pisello for the enthusiasm and quality of their speeches) as well as of our coordinator’s presentation, which impressed Mr. Jeffrey Sachs to the extent of making him push Mediterranean fisheries management in the MED Solutions’ agenda. Obviously, we are also honored to extend our tribute to Mr. Sachs and to Guido Schmidt-Traub, Maria Cortès Puch and Claire Bulger of UN SDSN.

Finally, we would like to thank Rinnovabili.it and its director Mauro Spagnolo, who trusted us and encouraged our involvement, and obviously all the University’s staff, from the Rector to the Events Office, including Ne.S.So. network and the Online Office, for their impressive effort and their confidence in students.


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