MED SDSN: Greening USiena calls for students’ proposals

Please Note: The deadline for submitting proposals has expired on May 25. The solutions presented will now be analyzed and eventually presented during the July 3-5 Conference. However, you can keep on proposing your ideas and projects through the survey: these will be considered for future meetings of MED SDSN.

The following is the message that Greening USiena is spreading throughout the planet right now, inviting students to submit their proposals for solutions initiatives within MED SDSN.

Dear fellow students,
I am the coordinator of Greening USiena, a student environmental network based in University of Siena, Italy, and I am writing to you on behalf of University of Siena and the Mediterranean Sustainable Development Solutions Network (MED SDSN).

med_unsdsn_logo160In the aftermath of the nomination of our university as a Regional Network Center of the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network (UN SDSN) for the Mediterranean Region, MED SDSN is planning to host its first conference from July 3-5 in the beautiful Certosa di Pontignano, Siena. The event is not only intended as a way to kickstart the creation of the network, but also as a chance to collect proposals coming from researchers and students and to discuss their eventual adoption and implementation.

In this perspective, University of Siena has developed an online survey that is going to allow everyone from the Mediterranean Basin (and, in case of students, from all over the world) to submit their ideas and projects in a multidisciplinary perspective; a committee will then select the best ones, which will be presented during the meeting and possibly implemented in the near future.

As students, you can also preliminarily apply for the conference filling the application form that you can find here:

Please find the Pdf documents attached for further information or visit the dedicated pages on our website (

Moreover, I would like to encourage you to share this call with all of your friends, student groups or international students you are in touch with, in order to reach out to the highest number of people, or to provide us with their contacts. We are waiting for you!

Dario Piselli
Greening USiena coordinator


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